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Subject 2nd International STEM conference in Beijing
Writer Young-Shin Park (pys68)
Time 2012-09-13 08:57:44
Count 4226
sorrry for this late announcement.
but you can just attend this conference if attractive to you.


Welcome to STEM2012
Conference Theme:

Instructional Innovations and Interdisciplinary Research in STEM Education

STEM-based curriculum provides students with interdisciplinary learning experiences between the school subjects of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The International Conference of STEM 2012 in Education creates opportunities for educators and researchers from schools, universities, businesses, industries and other private and public agencies to share and discuss their innovative practices and research initiatives that may advance STEM education. We welcome contributions from scholars/academics; teachers (including primary, middle and high school teachers), education officers, industry partners, graduated students, and others interested in the STEM agenda.

The conference will create opportunities for:

1. Information and knowledge sharing through paper/poster presentations, symposia, workshops, and innovative showcases;
2. Modelling effective pedagogical practices while enhancing content knowledge;
3. Sharing research initiatives and outcomes;
4. Professional development for educators in a range of educational contexts;
5. Networking between participants.

STEM2012 will benefit teachers, academics, education officers, industry partners, postgraduate and undergraduate students. The conference will be capped at 400 participants.


Innovative Methods and Models for Teaching in STEM
Innovation in STEM Research
Instrument and Equipment Development for Transdisciplinary Integration in STEM
Problem Solving and Innovation in STEM Education
Transformation in Educational Practices through STEM  
STEM Education of Sustainable Development
Interdisciplinary Approaches to Popular Science Education
Innovation and Practice of STEM instruction STEM
Learning Science for STEM Education
Curriculum Theory and Development in STEM
Educational Philosophy and Theory about STEM
Educational Policy, Leadership and Management for STEM
Rural Education, Special Education for STEM
Educational Technology in STEM
Teacher Education and Professional Development and training in STEM
Comparative STEM Education
Pre-service Teaching Training in STEM
General Technology Education in China
Other related STEM topics will also be considered
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