East-Asian Association for Science Education (EASE)

The EASE serves as a strong platform for science education in East Asia regions to exchange and share ideas and practices.

May 28
Special Issue in STEM Education

Special Issue in STEM Education We received an email from Prof. Gillian R...

Mar 25
EASE2021 Online International Conference

We are pleased to inform you that Shizuoka University organizes the EASE onl...

Oct 22

I am pleased to announce that the inaugural issue of the Southeast Asian Jou...

Sep 26
International Conference in Hong Kong on STEM Education in May 2020

The “International Conference on Learning and Teaching 2020” (ICLT2020) ...

Aug 22
33rd ASET Joint International Conference, 2017

2017 The 6th AEZC & 33rd ASET Joint International Conference will be held jo...

Feb 6
International STEAM symposium At Chosun University

Theme: International STEAM symposium: Date:Feb 12 and 13th Monday 2017 Pl...

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