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Mission & Aims

Mission & Aims

Welcome to EASE

Welcome to EASE!

It is a great opportunity to be the eight presidents of East-Asian Association in Science Education (EASE). EASE is a global association of researchers, educators, and scholars that cooperate each other in developing science education. 7 regions participate in our association: Main land China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Thailand, and Indonesia. All regions work together to develop programs in enlarging community in East Asia and sharing science education practices.

Rapid changing of science and technology, and the impacts of pandemic covid-19 have been influencing the science education. EASE aims to facilitate members by sharing and discussing the alternative solutions to overcome the problem in science education. Sharing in science educational systems across the regions play a critical role in helping nations in East-Asian regions. Through this EASE forum, it is ultimately hoped that EASE members' understanding of science education research and practice and will lead us to the progress of education.

EASE conference, students programs, and EASE Letter become media to fulfil the aims. The 2009 EASE Conference at Taiwan, the 2011 EASE Conference at Korea, the 2013 Hong Kong conference, the 2015 Beijing Conference, EASE 2016 Tokyo Conference, the 2018 Hualien, Taiwan Conference, the 2021 EASE Conference at Japan, and the 2022 EASE conference at Daegu Korea has had great success in the leadership of previous presidents. On 2024, the EASE Conference will be held by Indonesia region. EASE has also run five summer or winter schools, 2010 in Taipei, 2012 in Beijing, the winter school, (EASE-APCTP winter school 2014), in Seoul, Korea, EASE Summer School 2017 in Shaanxi, China. 2018 Autumn School in Shizuoka, Japan, 2022 EASE Summer School in Bandung, Indonesia, and next year it will be conducted in Thailand.

For the Asian countries, collaboration in research and practice will keep its quality. Therefore, it is highly valuable to develop international collaboration not only Asian countries but also European and North American countries, and eventually among with all over the world.

As the new president of EASE, I hope the collaboration work in promoting science education will be increased among member in all region. I am appreciated all of the efforts that have been took places by the former Presidents and all of the EM members.

Let’s collaborate for better science education!

Prof. Dr. Anna Permanasari, M.Si
The Eight President East Asian Association for Science Education
President of Indonesia Association of Science Educator
Professor of Science Education, Universitas Pakuan


  • Fostering networks among researchers
  • Being a platform of collaboration and cooperation
  • Contributing to policies and practices through research
  • Enhancing research relevant to our culture and heritage


  • To enhance the range and quality of research, teaching and learning in science education in East Asia
  • To provide a platform for collaboration in science education research
  • To seek to relate research to the policy and practice of science education
  • To represent the professional interests of science education researchers
  • To foster links between science education researchers in East Asia and similar communities elsewhere in the world


  • EASE Constitution (Updated June 2021)