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Subject Change_Over EASE headquarter
Writer Young-Shin Park (pys68)
Time 2012-02-17 10:03:41
Count 5514
Dear all

I am Young-Shin Park who had run the EASE headquarter for the 4 years. You can find all changed information of new president, chief-editor and new secretariat of EASE headquarter in Taiwan since november 2011. http://theease.org

MEI-CHUN LYDIA WEN is the new executive secretariat of EASE headquarter from Feb 2012.
last week, there was change-over meeting of EASE headquarter in Taiwan.
Old Young-Shin Park is in the past and New Lydia Wen is in present and future of EASE headquater. There is no doubt for her sincere contribution for EASE headquater from now on. thank you Lydia.

I really really thank you ALL for your concern and interest in EASE. I really enjoyed working as EASE secretariat for headquater.

thank you

Young-Shin Park
EASE headquarter

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