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Subject Sixth Congress of the Mediterranean Society of ComparatifveEducation
Writer Young-Shin Park (pys68)
Time 2011-12-28 03:53:42
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The National Engineering School of Tunis organizes  Sixth World Congress of Mediterranean Society of Comparative Education

Hammamet, Tunisia - 1-2-3 October 2012

Education and Social Change

To a real human development
(Call for contributions as attached document)
And whose main themes are:

I - Education and change experienced

Balance sheet (s) and mark (s) review (s) on the concepts of change and development

A macro and micro analysis of development-oriented economic growth and profit;

2 democracy: an ideal missed? ;

3 education crisis, a crisis of society;

4 relationship between education and other factors of social change experienced;

5 school and social issues: educational inequalities and social inequalities;

6 school and gender;

7 shows the influence of ideologies residues colonial slavery;

8 resistance to change;

9 communalism and identities "deadly";

10 dominant cultures and dominated cultures;

11 issue of minorities:

12 discrimination and exclusion;

13 school violence, urban violence, violence between different nations;

14 changes in criminal practices nationally and internationally;

15 progressive destruction of the environment and so on.

II - Education and Change "desired"

National and international comparisons;

A critical look at the notion of change;

2 change in the very notion of development;

3 Education and globalization: political and societal directions for human development;

4 Action (s) of civil society on policy makers;

5 Global analysis of socio-economic, linguistic and cultural change;

6-school institutions and change: an analysis of government plans, policies of the city, training facilities, policies for young people, etc..

7 associative actions, governmental, non governmental and international organizations in the field of education for a real human development;

8 formal education: objectives, curricula, teacher training (s), the socio-educational, etc.. ;

9 education and gender equality;

10 informal education, education throughout life;

11 new ICT alternatives to delay developing countries in information technology, the "digital divide";

12 education to a knowledge of history "cross" and not just national;

13 Education and Spirituality: a look at religions and their place in the desired social change;

14 education for citizenship: solidarity, interculturalism, environment and peace: theoretical and practical cases;

15 proposals and recommendations and so on.

For abstracts

The proposed communication to establish the form of a brief with the provisional title of the contribution, the axis in which it operates, and a brief description of the theme. It will be submitted in Word format as an attachment to the email address: yassine.jelmam @ yahoo.fr

Abstracts should not exceed one page including reference (2500 characters, including spaces).

Proposals for papers should be submitted before March 30, 2012.

For more information: www.mesce2010.org (functional soon)

We ask for your participation and look forward to see you here in Tunisia.

We count on your help to spread this announcement to your contacts products likely to be interested in the conference.

Hope to see you here in Tunisia
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