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Subject 2013 International Conference on Education, Psychology and Society in Bangkok, Thailand (july 26-28, 2013)
Writer Young-Shin Park (pys68)
Time 2013-02-05 16:02:01
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Want to spend one weekend in Bangkok this summer?
Why not join us in the 2013 International Conference on Education, Psychology and Society (ICEPAS)?

2013 International Conference on Education, Psychology and Society
July 26-28 2013
Bangkok, Thailand
To learn more about ICEPAS 2013, please visit: http://icepas.org/Index.asp.
If you have any inquiries, please contact us: icepas@icepas.org

First Call for Papers
The floor is now open to academics proficient and interested in the fields of study on education, psychology and society. ICEPAS 2013 invites abstract as well as full papers from scholars, professors, associate professors, post-doctor researchers, independent researchers and postgraduate students around the world whose participation in our conference is also more than welcome.
If you have your papers ready, please login and upload your papers on our official website http://icepas.org/guide.asp
Publication opportunities
Papers accepted by ICEPAS 2013 and included in the proceedings of ICEPAS 2013 are potential candidates for other academic journals, such as the Educational Research and Reviews (ISSN 1990-3839) and The International Journal of Psychology and Counseling (IJPC). These journals provide an interdisciplinary forum for educators and practitioners to share their research findings in general and a means for discussing and debating the most recent and critical issues on education, psychology and society in particular.
Important Dates
Abstract and full paper submission deadline: April 10 2013
Notification of abstract and full paper acceptance: May 5 2013
Final author and audience registration date: May 25 2013
Conference proceeding date: July 26-28 2013
Topics of interest
We welcome original research papers not limited to the following related areas:
Ault and Continuing Education
Curriculum, Research, and Development
Early Childhood and Family Education
Education Policy and Administration/Leadership
Educational Communications and Technology
Educational Measurement and Evaluation
Elementary Education
Graduate and Postgraduate School of Curriculum Instruction
Higher Education
Information and Computer Education
Language Education Human Resource Development
Language and Creative Writing
Rural Education
Rehabilitation Counseling
Social Studies Education
Special Education

Anxiety and Depression in Children and Adults Cognitive, Psychological and Behavioral Sciences
Advanced Clinical Behavior Therapy
Advanced Cognitive Psychology
Advanced Industrial and Commercial Psychology
Aggression and Violence throughout the Lifespan
Child Abuse: New Directions in Prevention and Treatment across the Lifespan
Childhood Disorders: Behavioral-Developmental Approaches
Clinical Child Psychology
Cognitive Task Analysis
Developmental Psychology
Educational and Psychological Sciences
General Psychology
Human Learning and Cognition
Ideal Mental Health Services
Prevention and Early Intervention: Child Disorders, Substance Abuse, and Delinquency
Psychology of Habit and its Application
Social Learning and Systems Approaches to Marriage and the Family
Suicide: Prediction, Prevention and Intervention
Stress: Vulnerability and Resiliency
Violence in the Lives of Children and Families

Applied Social Psychology
Civil Society
Contemporary Sociological Theory
Cultural Sociology
Cultural Theory and Policy
Globalization Impacts
Online Society or Online Community
Political Sociology
Science, Technology and Society
Social and Organizational Networks
Social Research
Social Work
Sociology of Everyday Life
Sustainable Human and Social Development
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