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Subject The 4th 2012 Issue of the Newsletter is now online
Writer Headquarter of EASE (admin)
Time 2013-01-03 16:42:35
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The EASE Newsletter for December, 2012, is organized by colleagues in China Mainland and EASE headquarters.
To read the newsletter, please go to the Newsletter area in the EASE website or visit the following address:

Content in this issue:
1. Words from the EASE President, Professor, Chi-Jui Lien
2. Guideline for strengthening the cooperation between science education societies of all
     regions and EASE to co-organize academic activities
3. EASE 2013 conference introduction
4. Report from 2012 ASET International Science Education Conference
5. A Science Education Festival Feast to SODA Teachers in China Mainland
6. Report from 2012 ICSE International Conference on Science Education
7. Inspiration of ‘Learning by Doing’, IBSE Program in China Mainland after 11 Years Practice
8. Progression of Chinese Students’ Creative Imagination from Elementary Through High
9. Alignment between High School Biology Content Standard and Textbooks
10. Instrumentation Development for Measuring High School Students’ Understanding of the
     Core Concepts of Genetics
11. Executive members of EASE
12. Editors of the EASE Newsletter 2013 and upcoming Conferences
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