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Subject Announcing a new journal: Asia-Pacific Science Education [APSE] and a call for papers
Writer Young-Shin Park (pys68)
Time 2015-09-03 10:41:02
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Workshop of APSE in upcoming 2016 EASE conference

In upcoming 2015 EASE conference in Beijiing, there will be workshop about APSE. Sonya N Martin and Hye-Eun Chu will run the workshop and other editors will also be available for questions and to share their perspectives.
 DATE: Friday October 16, 2015 from 14:00-16:30
 TITLE: Asia-Pacific Science Education (APSE): Introducing a new avenue for publishing science education research.  
 ABSTRACT: Publishing research in academic journals is necessary for securing employment, receiving promotion and tenure, and becoming recognized as a leader in the field of science education. In this workshop, we provide basic information about the top journals in the field of science education and we discuss current issues facing authors as they compete to have their research published in these journals. Specifically, we discuss some key issues related to why we need to publish research, how to choose a suitable journal for submitting manuscripts, and how to navigate the manuscript submission process. As part of this discussion, we provide a basic overview of the process for preparing and submitting manuscripts to journals and we offer an inside examination of how a paper moves through the peer-review process to publication. In the second part of the workshop, we introduce our new Springer sponsored journal Asia-Pacific Science Education. We introduce the purpose of the journal, discuss the scope and aims, and discuss the value of offering an open-access online journal with Springer. Finally, we provide time for a general Question and Answer (Q&A) session where participants can ask their manuscript publishing questions.

If you have more questions, don't hesitate to contact us (apse.journal@gmail.com).

Editor-in-Chief Jinwoong Song
Co-Editors Sonya Martin, Nam-Hwa Kang, Hye-Eun Chu
International Coordinator Young-Shin Park
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