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Subject [conference] The 2nd International History, Philosophy, and Science Teaching Asian Regional Conference in Taiwan 2014
Writer Headquarter of EASE (admin)
Time 2014-05-06 12:49:51
Count 3569
File IHPST20140314.pdf (2.7MB)
The 2nd International History, Philosophy and Science Teaching Asian Regional Conference will be held in Taipei, Taiwan on 4-7 December 2014. The conference theme is “Re-examining Science”. When science came to the non-Western world, such as East Asia, it was often visualized as something powerful and universal. The theme of this conference is intended to examine this conventional view and to emphasize the democratic nature of science. Following the tradition of IHPST, the second Asian regional conference will bring researchers and educators from the history, philosophy, sociology of science and science education together to exchange ideas and research results.

Conference website is available at  http://www.sec.ntnu.edu.tw/ihpst2014/index.html
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